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Los Angeles, California 
United States
Seeking: 36-56 y/o
Successful Female
Attractive Female
Anywhere in the world
Primary Interest: Casual Dating
Casual Dating,
Serious Dating
Height 6'1" in/185 cm
Weight 206-210 lbs/93-95 kg
Sexuality: Straight
Zodiac Sign: cancerCancer
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About Me
My overall appearance Very Good Looking
What is your body type? Athletic and toned
Hair color: Bald
Body art: Hidden tattoo
Languages I speak: French,German
Exercise: 3-4 times per week
Activities I enjoy: Baseball,Billiards/Pool,
Running,Scuba Diving,
Skiing,Sky Diving,
Preferred meeting time: Late Evening,Weekends
Interests I want to share with others: Bar-Hopping,Beaches,
Dancing,Fine Dining,
Fund-Raising,Intellectual Discussion,
Travel,Watching Sports,
Wine Tasting
About My Education and Occupation
Education:Graduate Degree
Income:$1 Million to $1.5 Million
Net Worth::$10 Million to $20 Million
Who I Want To Meet
Type of person I want to meet:Successful Female
Attractive Female
Age:36-56 y/o
Location:Anywhere in the world
Height:4'10" in/147 cm or below - 6'5" in/195 cm
Minimum income:No Preference
Minimum net worth:No Preference
My Overall Description
I live very simply and I am not pretentious by any means, I am ambitious, extremely hard working, and have specific goals in life. I am very comfortable and happy with myself, my life, and my achievements (of which I have many). I have a great career that I am continuously looking to move forward.I try to live my life mindful of the fact that to be successful in all things (including relationships) requires - Strength, Courage, Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, Tolerance, and Wisdom. I try to exercise these personal qualities every day internally and externally toward others. Life is an on going learning experience and I am always expanding my knowledge.

I am a realist regarding life. I believe that approaching adversity with a positive attitude at least gives you a chance for success. Approaching it with a defeatist attitude predestines the outcome: defeat. I never give up, never passively accept fate by saying "it wasn't meant to be", rather exhaust every last ounce of will and hope in the face of any challenge.
Description Of Who I Want To Meet
I need someone who I can share ideas and the rest of my life with. I am loving, caring, honest and trustworthy. I like outing but occasionally with someone special. I have much interest in sports although I don't participate myself, especially soccer and long tennis. I love traveling but never travel outside states before. I may travel outside the state with someone I love or to meet her if the situation demands it.I would love to meet a lady with proven character. Someone whose likeness are almost equal to mine. A lady who feels shy but not too shy, someone who can communicate and express her views but not augmentative or quarrelsome. A mature brain lady.
More About Me
My Personality:
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